1. Kronberger Laienspielschar

60 Jahr' ... un kaa bissi leiser!

The Nights Watchmen are back...



Historical Tour through Kronberg
The Kronberger Kulturkreis & the 1. Kronberger Laienspielschar
presenting Kronberg’s history
to the public in a most unusual way.

Up to 50 of these silhouettes decorate the street lights of Kronberger’s old part of town
and transform the road lighting into a historical panorama.

A guided tour with the 1. Kronberger Laienspielschar
introduces you to Kronbergs’ alternating background
and revives history along the lantern tour.

Learn more about Empress Victoria's life in Kronberg...
Meet market-women, medieval drummers, busy farmers,
injured knights, singing winegrowers and arguing prelates
all part of Kronbergs history…

The guided English tour starts
in the Recepturhof, Friedrich Ebert Strasse
and takes approximately 1 h.

Guided tours for groups in English are currently possible only on request,
your contact: 0 61 73/76 76 or info@kronberger-laienspielschar.de